Cosy Park Hotel: Excellent cozy hotel

Cosy Park Hotel Hangzhou.  Usually I have lists of complaints for hotels (if only for the fact that it is always easy to find fault), but for once I have a list of things that I really like about this hotel. To begin with, I really liked the design of the rooms. As the attached photos will show, they are of the light and cozy design, with plenty of wood. Now on to the list:

1) The room smelled nice. When I entered there was this faint smell of wood and bamboo that was very refreshing.

2) A slight noise problem was solved by closing the window.

3) The bed was very, very comfortable and the sheets felt fresh.

4) There were way too many nice touches in the room to mention. The motion sensing night lights next to the bed and under the sink. The hand folded paper boxes that holds the welcome snacks. The faux leather pouch that holds the toiletries.

5) The giant light in the corner of the room and all the other lights combined make this a very bright room – if you so wish. As I always find hotel rooms to be always too dark, this was refreshing.

6) The hot water was the fastest I’ve had in hotels. Excellent.

7) Thermostat that actually works. Of all the hotels I’ve stayed at, from Novotel to Grand Hyatt, the thermostats were almost always wonky and I always wake up freezing. Not here. If set at 25 Celsius it takes the room to 25 and keep it there. Great!

There are possible problems, of course. Some (if you’re not staying alone or with your partner) may not like the cloudy glass walls of the shower cubicle. Some may find the corridor too dark. I don’t find problems with any of these though.

I’d strongly recommend this hotel. The price was cheap (I paid around 500 RMB, I think) and the stay was great!


Visit Details: September 2017, stayed 1 night for work, CNY ~600 per night

Address: 杭州皇逸庭院酒店, 杭州市錢江新城秋濤北路102號B座 310020

Tel: +86 571 8778-2666

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