Dadong Roast Duck: Not only the duck is good!

Dadong is one of my “default” restaurants when I come to Beijing – I always tell myself I won’t be going again this time, but would end up there somehow. Impressively, whilst the restaurant was always very busy when I visited, they never failed to find me a seat.

dadong roast duck

Roast duck is a must have – and it can be ordered half.

dadong roast duck

Very good… and this is how you wrap it up for photo – not how you’d usually eat it.

That the roast duck is good here should be known by most by now. The skin is deliciously crispy and the meat moist and tender. The options of condiments to go with it gives good variability. Most importantly, if you are a tourist and look at lost with what to do with the duck, the staff would gladly introduce the various “proper” ways of eating it.

Dadong cherries

“Fake” cherries alongside real cherries

The fake cherries is one of my default options – it’s similar to the “meat fruit” a la Heston Blumenthal, except that it is smaller and not as fancy. Still very tasty though, and the real cherries works well with the fake ones. (it is basically duck foie gras pate with cherry gel skin).  The cabbage cooked in chestnut broth, however, is not particularly impressive but gives a false sense of “healthy” security.

Dadong cabbage

Chinese cabbage cooked in chestnut broth. Delicious.

So, should you be in Wangfujing area shopping, it’s worth the 10 minutes walk to Jinbaohui to try this delicious roast duck. The menu is absolutely huge – both in terms of the number of items contained and it’s actual physical size – so you should be able to find something to your liking.  It would be worth your while to spend some time and go through the menu.

Visit Details:
June 2017, Dinner, $400 per head


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