Capo at Rockbund: Pizza was supposed to be good… unfortunately not.

I was trying to find a decent restaurant for dinner in the area and read good things about capo. The restaurant is located on the 5th for of a rather deserted mall (no open shops at all) and is accessed through a lounge / bar like area. The restaurant manager was a very nice guy and suggested a nice by-the-glass wine to go with my pizza. Unfortunately, said pizza was not very good (sorry, Giorgio!)

Capo pizza

Pizza looked better than it tasted. Oven might need a good scrub.

One major problem with the pizza (beef carpaccio, mushroom, parmesan and rucola) was a faint burnt oil smell – the small you’d get from heating up an oily oven that needed a good scrub. Not the most pleasant smell to go with a pizza. Another problem was that the pizza was a bit undercooked and has yet to form the nice slightly burnt flavour for the crust – which was somewhat soggy.

Capo bread

The bread was a bit dense and bland. Roasted garlic was nice.

The appetizer I had was mixed. The burrata was nice enough and the cherry tomato couldn’t really go wrong, but the rockets were significantly over-seasoned and was very salty, to the point that it had to be left unfinished.

Capo Burrata

Nice burrata and cherry tomato, very salty rockets.

Maybe their steaks and seafood would be better, but I definitely won’t be having their pizza again!

Visit Details: June 2017, Dinner, CNY 380 per head

Address: Yifeng Galleria, 5/F, 99 Beijing Dong Lu, Shanghai (北京东路99号5楼)


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