Pun Swe Taw Hotel: Not cheap. Absolutely horrid.

Pun Swe Taw Hotel.  Calling this a hotel was an insult to the word. It fails miserably to meet the bare minimum requirement of a hotel – cleanliness.

The environment was utterly horrid. The sheets probably were never changed, the duvet and pillow had no cover and the inside of the supposedly-white duvet was a sick yellowish colour.

Pun Swe Taw Hotel Room

Absolutely Filthy Room

The slippers provided probably were never washed and had a weird disgusting stickiness. The first room I was given had a bathroom so wet it was a slipping hazard which stink. Oh the smell was so bad I almost tried to find where the sewerage pipe broke. Why the first room I was given? Because it was infested with flying ants which emerged from all corners of the room once the lights were on. I requested for a room change.

The second room was “better” – at least the bathroom wasn’t wet and there was no flying ants. The bed was also stained and you wouldn’t even think of how uncomfortable the bed is, because you would be worrying about what skin diseases you are catching from that bed. Fortunately, I am fine, so far.

Pun Swe Taw Hotel Bathroom

Still horrid – but at least this bathroom wasn’t dripping wet.

Surprisingly, there was an indoor pool. One that is dimly lit and the water was of a weird hue of green. I’d never touch that water.

Pun Swe Taw Hotel Pool

Under no circumstance should one enter this water.

Also, interestingly the front desk staff asked for our passports and held on to it for a good hour before giving it back. I saw her flipping through all the pages and don’t think that’s required – when I went to Yangon and stayed at Chatrium they only photocopied the photo page. No idea what she was doing with it, but it certainly made us uncomfortable.

It wasn’t even cheap – I was told the room charge was about US$50, and that I was already given a better room, although I didn’t try to verify either.

My recommendation: Do NOT stay at the Pun Swe Taw Hotel. Just don’t. There are better hotels even in Taungoo. Just check TripAdvisor for better options.

Visit Details:

February 2017, stayed 1 nights for work

Yangon-Mandalay Road, Taungoo, Myanmar
+95 54 24 905

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