Dandy Hotel Da’an (丹迪旅店): Great Boutique Hotel

This wasn’t our first time staying at a Dandy Hotel in Taipei and it certainly won’t be our last.  In our previous visits we stayed at the Tianjin Branch and found it to be nicely designed, young and comfortable.  For a change, we decided to stay at the Da’an branch for our short Christmas trip,

The location of the Da’an branch is superb.  Sitting on Xinyi Road Section 3 but with its entrance facing Lane 31, it is a good combination of convenience and quiet.  Right on corner of the lane is an entrance to the Daan Park Station, as is a 7-eleven, and taxis are always available on Xinyi Road.  There are also a couple coffee shops nearby and a Japanese restaurant right opposite (with mixed reviews, so we didn’t bother to try).

Dandy Hotel Kisses Chocolate

Kisses on the bed

The front desk staff were friendly, cheerful and professional as always and were greeted with a couple kisses (the chocolate, of course) on the bed when we arrived in the room.  The room itself was clean, tidy and bright.  Desk space was sufficient for a boutique hotel, with duo international sockets for charging of your gadgets.  Unfortunately the sockets by the bed were of the Taiwanese variety.  The bed was rather comfortable, with a dongle / controller next to it for manipulating the lights and air conditioning in the room, so you can switch everything off easily.

Which leads us to the air-con.  This is a problem often found in hotels (even 5-star ones) – the air vents blows directly at the bed, which isn’t the most comfortable arrangement.  Such interior design for hotel rooms is so common that one can hardly blame the hotel for it.  Nonetheless, the air-con can be switched off with the dongle.

Dandy Hotel Bedroom

Cozy and bright

The bathroom was pretty standard, with a sliding glass panel door for the shower that works pretty well and a drain right next to it to keep the rest of the bathroom relatively dry.  Heated Japanese-style toilet seat with bidet, but should you prefer a cold and fresh toilet seat the heating can always be switched off.


On Boxing day morning, we woke up to a bag of candies and snacks on the door, presumably delivered by Santa!

Still a great hotel and we still enjoyed our stay here.  Won’t hesitate to stay here again in the future.

Visit Details:
December 2016, stayed 3 nights for leisure
TWD ~3,700 per night
+886 2 27076899


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