Poke Co.: Nice new poke stop in Wan Chai!

Any day when you unintentionally come across a good, new restaurant is a good day.  When I went to Wan Chai this afternoon for some chicken steak rice I ended up at the Poke Co.  This is a brand new restaurant in their first day of operation (to be exact, they did a trial run yesterday and officially opened today).  The shop is right where the old Landale Street pop-it used to be, and the layout inside wasn’t much different.  Except that there is a new store front and a colour scheme of white and blue is used.

This being the first day of proper business, the staff were nice and friendly.  The food was prepared promptly, although it is just a bit of pick and mix.  According to the manager, the tuna here is freshly marinated when ordered.  Not sure if they can afford to continue to do it that way if the place gets busy, though!

Poke Co - Classic Tuna

I ordered the “classic tuna” (regular size $98) – leafy greens & kale, tuna, cucumber, sweet onion mix, island sauce, spring onion green, seaweed salad, sesame seeds & pickled ginger.  The tuna was nice and fresh, the sweet onion was basically caramelized onion and the slight tanginess of the sauce worked pretty well with the salad.  That said, it would be better if the greens are tossed better with the sauce.

The size of the regular poke was a bit small, as well, and I left half-fed.  There is supposed to be a large version, but I ordered the regular since they do not yet have the large one.  For $168 you can have an “all in” bowl which has a bit of everything in it.  Not sure how that would taste though.

Interestingly there is also a custom bowl option, which lets you choose your own base, protein, sauce etc., or to make it into a seaweed & rice wrap.  It all looked rather complicated but I’m sure the manager would be very willing to help should you be inclined to order that way.

Overall it was a decent lunch that felt fresh and healthy.  Will definitely visit The Poke Co again to try the other flavours!

Visit Details:
October 2016, Lunch, $98 per head

Shop 2, No.2 Landale Street, Hong Kong


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