Premier Inn London Euston Hotel: Superb location, comfortable accommodation

There is no getting around it – Premier Inn Euston is a budget hotel, although at 90-100 pounds a night such “budget” is in London terms. Any comments on its quality must therefore be given with reference to its price.

The location is superb. Not far from the hotel is Euston Tap, the famous tap room with 27 beers on tap, including a number of cask ales. Just a bit further is the Euston station. To the east, at a similar distance, is King’s Cross St Pancras station, where Eurostar departs, along with a large number of trains to a variety of places. One block away to the east is a Pret and right next to the hotel’s restaurant is a Costa. Very convenient.

Premier Inn London Euston - bed

Bed very comfortable

The accommodation was good, as well. The bed was reasonably comfortable and the room was clean. Water pressure at the shower is a bit weak and the toilet flush a bit stiff, but these are very minor problems. The room itself was sufficiently spacious and well kept. The staff at the check-in counter were always helpful and friendly.

Premier Inn London Euston - bathroom

Bathroom was sufficient and clean


We encountered a problem with the air-con during our stay, which was basically not working, but the staff fixed it the next day.

My only complaint was the audacity of a power-tripping staff who knocked on our door to tell us to keep quiet – when I just came out of the shower and was talking to my wife at normal conversation volume. It was late at night, to be fair, but having stayed at many hotels before, both budget and luxury, this was the first time a hotel staff disturbed my stay in such a ridiculous way. And no, he did not knocked on our door because of any noise complaints (of course not. I just came out of the shower). The guy was just wandering down the hallway and heard us speak in our rooms and decided that he should shut us up.

Which lead to another issue – the soundproofing of the room was bad. To the road side all is fine, with double glazing and we didn’t heard much from the outside. To the hallway, however, it was terrible. There was a 1-2cm gap at the bottom of the door of the room, which was probably why the power-tripping guy heard us talk, and was also the reason why those who left in the early morning never failed to wake us up.

On balance, though, this was excellent value. It is difficult to find another hotel with such convenience, reasonable comfort and competitive price. The only reason I did not give this a 5 was the rude, power-tripping staff.

Room Tip: Some rooms on ground floor faces Euston Road, which is very busy. Might want to avoid those.

Visit Details:
July 2016, stayed 7 nights for leisure
$1,300 per night
1 Dukes Road, London WC1H 9PJ, UK
+44 33 3321 1262


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