CitizenM Glasgow: Great hip hotel

The location for the CitizenM Glasgow hotel is not the most convenient – it is quite a few blocks away from the Glasgow train station. For those who are contemplating walking with your luggage, don’t, because it is all the way uphill from the station. Taxi fare was 4-6 pounds and was well worth it. That said, much of central Glasgow is walkable from the hotel and the national bagpipe center is right next door.

Location aside, the hotel was hip and trendy. Check-in can be done by hotel staff or by yourself at the table next to the hotel door, where there is a few consoles for this purpose. You even get to make your own room cards, which you can keep and use as luggage tags.

The room is relatively small but well equipped. The width of the room is basically the length of the bed, which was very comfortable by the way. The desk was tiny but that wasn’t much of a bother.

The most interesting thing in the room was the remote control console, which is basically a tablet that can be used to control various functions of the room, ranging from the colour of the LED lights in the shower to the electric curtains, and the room lights. Much fun was had with that console.

One slight problem was the shower cubicle curtain won’t work as well as glass panel doors to keep the water in. It is almost for sure that the toilet floor will be quite wet. Also, all that separates the shower and the room was textured glass, so this might not be the best place to stay if you’re with a friend or colleague.

Visit Details:
July 2016, stayed 2 nights for leisure
$1,000 per night

60 Renfrew Street (corner of Hope Street), Glasgow G2 3BW, Scotland


+44 20 3519 1111


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