The Drapers Arms: Mediocre food, friendly busy staff.

The meal at Drapers Arms was a bit of a disappointment, partly due to our misplaced expectations. In short, the food was overwhelmingly mediocre, the beer / cask ale selection was very limited (yes we were spoiled by the Euston Tap) and the staff were too busy. To be fair, this would serve fine as a local pub, and I would be quite happy if I have a local like this back home. Yet gastropub this is not.

Drapers Arms - Dining room

Dining room was comfortable but packed slightly too tight. Not bad for a busy local pub.

The food was mediocre – as would be obvious from the photos. The steak was reasonably cooked but under-seasoned. The chips were not crispy. The bread was almost stale and the butter was cold and hard. We were sufficiently disappointed that we decided to skip ordering dessert.

Drapers Arms - steak

The steak was under-seasoned

The waiters were friendly and nice if you can get their attention. There seem to be too few of them serving too many tables (including those out in the garden).

Drapers Arms - something

Some dish. Felt like the kitchen was trying a bit too hard to be “fine dining”, when they should be just fine being a neighbourhood pub!

If you are staying in the area, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a meal here. Just don’t expect Drapers Arms to be a great gastropub.  If you’re like us, tourists who had to make a special trip for this dinner, don’t bother.

Visit Details:
July 2016, Dinner

44 Barnsbury Street, Islington, London N1 1ER, UK


+44 20 7619 0348


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