Burger & Lobster Leicester Square: Very nice lobster roll

We were out hunting for a burger & lobster to satisfy our cravings for lobster, so naturally that’s what I ordered once we were seated.  We didn’t need to wait for a table fortunately, although the not-so-small restaurant filled up soon enough afterwards.

Burger & Lobster - Great lobster roll

Great lobster roll.

It was delicious. My only complaint was that there were way too many claws (how is that possible?) and not enough body meat.  Unfortunately I find the bodies to be juicier and have better texture than the claws, but to each their own. The chips were good too.

The staff who started working here not long ago (the restaurant is rather new, too) was friendly and helpful. Service was prompt. Also, if you order the lobsters you’d be provided with plastic bibs (?) so you don’t get lobster juices all over yourself. Nice.


10 Wardour Street, London W1D 6QF, UK


020 3205 8963


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