Flat Iron Denmark Street: Superb through tenner-tainted glasses

Any comment on Flat Iron must be made with the note that the steak here costs only a tenner. Yup – just 10 Pounds Sterling for a decent steak. Everything else naturally cost extra: the chips, the sauce, the drinks. As such, comparing it with “proper” (read: expensive) steakhouses like Hawksmoor would not be fair.

The environment was comfortable.  Rather spacious, in fact, as we visited at some odd hour in the afternoon, which is a time when an afternoon tea was more appropriate than a steak.  There were other customers in the house, and the number increased later into the afternoon.  It was foreseeable that the restaurant will be packed way before 6pm.

Flat Iron - dining room

Nice setting with natural light, green, and good air flow.

That said, the steak was great for the price. My steak was cooked perfectly to medium-rare and some of my friends’ steaks were cooked to medium, as requested. That said, the quality of the meat itself is definitely not the best. This is where what you pay relates to what you get, although I’d argue that it is definitely good value here. The steak was nicely seasoned though.

Flat Iron - steak

A flat iron steak for a tenner!

The chips were delicious and crispy.  Look carefully at the photo below and you’ll see the all-important crispy bits, without which any chip would be a failure.  No ketchup or sauce were needed and we cleaned the chips up rather quickly.

Flat iron - chips

Very crispy chips

The staff here were friendly and helpful despite our coming in for lunch / dinner at 4pm, which happens to be the only way one can get a table without waiting for hours. We have tried to dine at another Flat Iron the previous day at proper dinner time and was sadly told that the wait would be more than 2 hours. This is quite a popular restaurant indeed.

The bottom line is that at this price and quality, Flat Iron is definitely worth your try. Just make sure you visit at some weird hour, like we did, to avoid the now infamous wait time.

Oh, and did I say that the knife / cleaver was great?  Naturally, it was not the sharpest, but look at it!


9 Denmark St, Soho, London WC2H 8LS, UK


05 9214 4795


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