Honest Burgers Camden: Great burgers at a good price

We had our brunch at Honest Burgers Camden on a rainy morning, just before they were supposed to open. Exploring Camden Market without only a latte and some cake for breakfast made us crave for an early lunch.  The staff had no problem letting us in to escape the rain, but reminded us that we’d have a good few minutes to look at the menu before they can punch our orders into the system.  No problem with us at all, as long as we have secured our seats!

Honest Burger - dining room

Not open yet, but thanks to the nice folks working here we escaped from the rain.

The place filled up soon enough, and our food arrived soon as well.  Honest burger worked with Beavertown Brewery to come up with an Honest Pale Ale specially for the shop.  The ale was very nice, although we couldn’t really say much about its pairing with the burger.  The glass came chilled, as it should be, which is always neglected at other restaurants.

Honest Burger - pale ale

Beavertown Honest Pale Ale

We ordered the dry aged beef burger with cheddar, lettuce and red onion relish.  The burger was cooked very nicely, pink in the middle just as ordered. The chips, however, were somewhat lacking, both in terms of seasoning and texture. Those certainly could have been better!

Honest burger - burger

Dry aged beef burger with cheddar, lettuce and red onion relish

At that price, however, I really had no complaints. As advertised, theirs are just good honest burgers without much frills.

By the time we left, the place was already filled with people.  Fortunately, this is Camden Market and you don’t necessarily have to eat indoors.  Bring the burger out into the sun and you won’t care if the dining room is packed.


Unit 34A Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF, UK


020 8617 3949


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