Rock & Sole Plaice: A fishy tourist trap

The key for dining at Rock & Sole Plaice is your expectations. If you expect to have the best fish and chips in London (or even good fish and chips), then you will be disappointed. If you want to have fish and chips at one of the oldest chip shop in town for the sake of it, regardless of whether it is good, then go ahead.

For me, good fish and chips need to have crispy crust that is light instead of hard.  There should be a satisfying crunch when you cut into it. The fish must not be overcooked and should remain juicy. The chips need to be crispy. The one we had here was the exactly opposite.


Looks legit? Nah. Looks overcooked!

I ordered cod and chips. The cod was overcooked to the point that it was almost dry.  Of all things, cod, being a rather oily fish, should be difficult to overcook!. The crust was so hard it was difficult to cut. The chips were soggy and soft. The plaice and chips my wife ordered had better fish, but the chips were just as bad.


So f-ed up the flesh was stringy.

We had a few fish and chips this visit, and this was decidedly the worst. Perhaps they use good ingredients sourced daily, as a reply to an earlier review has said, but that wouldn’t matter if the execution of the dish fail to do it justice.


The Rock & Sole Plaice, 47 Endell St, London WC2H 9AJ, UK


020 7836 3785


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