Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.  It is impossible to rate / review a site with such historical importance and emotional attachment. I can, however, offer some observations and might be helpful:

1) The Dachau concentration camp memorial site is well designed. The rather modern visitors centre is located near the bus stop and is very easy to access. It is also away from the site of the concentration camp and does not intrude or affect the camp itself. The shop sells a large collection of books related to the history of the camps, the War, Nazi Germany, etc., but only a few of them are in English.

2) Audio guides are available in many languages at the visitor centre. The fee is 7 Euro and a photo ID need to be deposited as guarantee. The audio guides are very informative and references numbers placed across the site. They also provide a map of the site indicating where these numbers are. I always prefer these audio guides as they allow us to see the site at our own pace.

3) It is better to wear proper walking shoes to the site, as much of the grounds are not paved (mostly pebbles), and the site is rather big.

4) We only planned to spend 2 hours here, which we extended by forfeiting lunch but was still insufficient. If you are interested in listening to all the major items in the audio guide and to see the museum, at least a half day is needed.

5) Don’t forget the small bit across the bridge at the far end of the site (the side with the churches), where the morgue and gas chamber used to be located.

Dachau - Never Forget

Never forget.



Visit Details:
October 2015

Pater-Roth-Str. 2a, 85221, Dachau, Bavaria, Germany


+49 8131 669970


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