Riviera Hotel Macau: Location inconvenient, room felt old

As always, location comes first. The Riviera Hotel is near the Sai Van lake, a bit on the hillside. Whilst some like its rather removed location, I find it inconvenient. Had it been a good relaxing resort-type hotel, the seclusion might work – but not for a utilitarian hotel.

The lobby of the hotel screams mainland Chinese, with gold here and dragon there. Smelled a bit that way too. Not surprising, as the hotel doesn’t even have a website and seem to cater more to a mainlander / tour group clientèle.

Design-wise, there is a significant mismatch between the lobby, the corridors and the rooms. Whilst the lobby is gold-and-dragon, the corridors are hip and purportedly stylish, with darker colours and projected room numbers on the floor right outside the room. Once you enter the room, however, it was all beige. Very old fashioned, and probably old.

The A/C was problematic. Either you have it warm and the room is stuffy and stinks, or you have it cold and freeze – part of the air vent pointed at the bed. The bathroom was clean enough and there wasn’t any problem with warm water. The bed was surprisingly comfortable.

I probably would not choose to stay here again in the future. There are many hotels in Macau which are way more convenient in location, some more expensive, but some with similar prices.

Visit Details:
May 2015, stayed 2 nights for leisure
No.7-13 Rua Comendador Kou Ho Neng, Macau

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