Ethos: What’s left when it’s no longer quiet?

Ethos, for us, is located at a very convenient location.  For those who don’t live in the area, however, this might be more difficult to find.  This new fashion boutique cum cafe is located near the top of Hill road, almost opposite the West Gate of HKU.  We came here one Saturday afternoon for a quick coffee – it had to be quick, as the store was packed and we were lucky to have got a table.

This was, unfortunately, no longer the quiet and secluded coffee shop where one can sit, drink, read and spend a whole afternoon.  There was no rush from the staff, but the place has become so busy that those who seek serenity wouldn’t find it here.

Was the coffee good, then?  It varied.  The flat white I had was rather flat.  It lacked body, felt surprisingly watery, and the flavour was weak.  Yes, there was milk, but not much in terms of coffee.

Ethos - Flat White

Ethos – Flat White

The latte, however, was much better.  Much stronger in flavour and much thicker.  Not sure whether they make the espresso shot differently for the flat white and the latte, but this was far superior to the flat white.

Ethos - Latte

Ethos – Latte

For us, the whole point of going to a café that is no longer quiet is for its coffee.  With such unstable performance across two coffees I’d be hesitant to return.  The only reason to come back, then, is for convenience.

Locust Tunghok:
Visit Details:
February 2015, Coffee, $40 per head

99 Hill Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


2833 2127


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