Sweets Rococo & Cafe: Just a heads-up

Let me put this up front:  Us locusts did not manage to eat here. We intended to have lunch here on a Sunday, and walked into mostly empty tables (some reserved).  The shop is located on the second floor of Sino Plaza, and isn’t far from the escalators.  The seating area is split into two by the walkway, which also acts as the entrance to the restaurant, naturally.  The seating area is well-lit and comfortable, and one can see from the decor why this shop is called rococo.

Sweets Rococo & Cafe - seating

Sweets Rococo & Cafe: Dining area

The first worrying sign was when the Japanese family at the next table asked the waitress when their pancake will arrive – to which the answer was 3 minutes.  As we have already ordered, a Chocolate Banana Caramel Nuts Pancake and a Macademia Nuts Pancake (as there is no Mango Pancake today), we waited.  Until the waitress came back to tell us our pancakes will take 30 minutes to make.  Half an hour!  What kind of pancake takes that long, at a restaurant?  It probably won’t take that long if I wanted to make it at home. So we got up and left, and can see why this place was so empty. Maybe, on another day when we have plenty of time to waste, we’d come again to taste these pancakes.  But not today.\

Visit Details:
February 2015, Lunch, N/A

Shop No. 7, Upper Floor, Sino Plaza, 225-227 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay


2805 8622


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