Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16: New mattresses required

A recent eating trip to Macau braought us to Macau, after not coming here for over two years. Having been to this small SAR for quite a few times in the past 10 years, we knew where to stay. Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 it is! The hotel fits most our requirements – convenient location on the Macau peninsula near the main road, yet slightly removed from the busiest of actions that it wouldn’t be too noisy.

Has the unavoidable casino downstairs, but a separate entrance so that the hotel proper is not too affected by the actions at the casino. Plus they provides L’Occitane toiletries. What else could one wish for? A comfortable bed, so it seems. We have stayed here a few years ago and there were no problems, but hell the bed was uncomfortable this time. If I had to choose, this would be the second most uncomfortable bed I have had the displeasure to sleep on. The winner would be the ibis budget at Lucerne, Switzerland.

Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 - bed

That is not a bed. That is a bowl…

The beds (mattress) at both hotels had the same problem – they were way too old. The parts that hold most body weight sagged so much that the bed was almost a giant concave dish. Not to mention that the pillows were so soft that it provides almost no support at all.  Both of us ended up with back, shoulder and neck pain after staying here for two nights.

Furthermore, the designers of the rooms did not carefully consider the location of the a/c vents – or maybe costs were the more important issue here. The vents blow directly at the bed, and the effect can be felt even with the fan set to low. Very unpleasant. Worse still – as the air was so dry your eyes would hurt from dryness in the morning. This is unacceptable at a 5-star hotel.

The uncomfortable sleeping condition aside, the hotel was in general pleasant to stay at. The public areas are clean, the staff efficient, the room in general clean. That said, the hotel is starting to feel old, and the beds need to be replaced, to say the least. We probably will need to find another hotel to stay at when we next visit Macau.

Visit Details:
February 2015, Stayed 2 nights for leisure
$1,920 per night
Superior Room, 1 King Size Bed, City Views

Rua do Visconde Paco de Arcos, Macau


+853 8861 0016


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