Very convenient and clean: Royal Oxford Hotel

As the title may suggest, the strength of this hotel is in its location. Just a couple minutes (easy) walk from the Oxford train station with relatively flat ground throughout, albeit with a few road crossings. The entrance of the hotel was not on the front of the hotel, which is occupied by its restaurant, but is small and located on the Park End Street side. The hotel is also at good distance from town centre, with only a few minutes walk from the Oxford Castle and a few more minutes to town centre. A very frequent bus service runs from the train station and there is a stop for the sightseeing Oxford bus just outside the hotel.

Check in process was pleasant. Since we arrived very early at around 9 am, our room was not ready at the time, but the receptionist kindly took our luggages and by the time we came back in the afternoon after some walking around in the town, they were already placed in our room on the first floor. Throughout our stay at the hotel the staff has been very friendly, welcoming and helpful.


A drawback of the hotel was that there seemed to be no lifts and the main access to the rooms was a staircase. Not a big problem as the hotel was only a few floors high but some may find it a hassle to transport the luggages, although in our case that was taken care of by the staff.


The room was clean and warm. Bathroom was generously sized and the room had a little corridor that linked that with the entrance and the bedroom. Ventilation, however, has been a slight problem as we found it to be quite weak and the bathroom stayed damp for quite some time after hot showers, a minor problem. We also did not like much the glass shield for the shower instead of the normal curtain — it only covered half the bath and it was a bit of a hassle trying to keep the bathroom dry when showering.


Any of these minor hiccups, however, are more than compensated by its location and friendly staff. It was just so convenient! (no, I don’t think any sane person would like to drag their luggages any further than this hotel.)

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