Enjoy the lack of tourists: Mai Khao Beach

Located along the west coast of the northern bit of Phuket, the 8km long beach is away from the busy tourist center of Phuket Town. There are resort hotels along the beach (Renaissance, Sala Phuket, Anantara and the like) but whilst most of these have direct access to the beach, they are located far from each other. Combine that with the fact that Mai Khao Beach is considered unsuitable for swimmers due to strong currents, this is one of the less loved beaches in Phuket.

Yet, this makes it perfect for tourists who seek tranquility and relaxation. When you stroll on the beach you might see at most a handful of fellow tourists. The quietness is amazing. One can easily spend hours sitting on the sand, listening to the waves breaking and enjoying the view – as the beach is a slight concave it seem to stretch as far as the eye can see.

Naturally, as the beach is located on the west coast, the sunset view on Andaman Sea is amazing. For those who like taking photos, the half hour before sunset provides an ideal opportunity to explore the changes of colour of the sky. The only complaint would be the lack of object to make the photos more interesting!

That said, it should be noted that the sand of Mai Khao beach is not the finest, and areas away from the resorts seemed to have more debris. Remember your sandals!

Also: If you are the kind that seeks plenty of activities, shopping or partying, Mai Khao is likely NOT the beach for you.

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