Hotel Eclat Taipei: Decent hotel with a few drawbacks

Located on the corner of Dunhua Road and Xinyi road, Hotel Eclat occupies a very convenient location. A block away is a 24-hours eslite bookshop and the alleys behind the hotel houses a decent collection of restaurants ranging from the local noodle shops to rather hip and pricey Japanese and Italian restaurants. Getting a taxi right outside the hotel hasn’t been any problem although the nearest underground station was quite a few blocks away.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Design was in general of a rather dark tone, with extensive use of dark purple and black as well as heavy drapes especially in the lobby. The lift was so dimly lit that one could hardly see who you’re talking to. Whilst this might be a bid to make the place look classy the result was an environment that was quite depressing.

THE SERVICE: The staff were in general courteous, helpful and efficient.

THE ROOM: The room was clean and tidy with a decent sized table – good for those staying for business. The usual amenities (internet, phone, TV, you name it) are provided and the bed comfortable for me at least. The digital key for the room, however, proved to be a problem as I’ve spent minutes trying to open that door every time I return, as well as quite a few scares of not being able to get back into my room!

THE FOOD: eclat has a restaurant in the basement which I didn’t try. The lobby lounge where breakfast and afternoon tea / cake is served was mediocre. The cake I got had a rather dry sponge and overly sweetened frosting.

Note, though, that the penalty on overall rating is due to the problems outlined above that aren’t reflected in the sub-section rating.

In short: good location, comfortable rooms, helpful staff, dark depressing decor in public area, malfunctioning room key.

Address:  台北市大安區敦化南路一段370號

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