Homely hotel with friendly staff: Dandy Hotel Tianjin Branch (丹迪旅店)

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Dandy Hotel Tianjin Branch. Initially, finding the hotel was a challenge despite having looked up its address on Google Maps, since the hotel is located on a back street away from the trunk roads. This, however, turned out to be a blessing as that also meant the location is quieter. At approximately 5 minutes walk from an underground station access was easy.

The front desk staff were friendly, courteous and efficient. Whilst we had to leave the keys at the desk they soon recognized us and had no problem remembering my name (I was the one who booked the hotel).


Nice “green wall” behind the bed.

Having booked the pricier deluxe room, we were allocated a “designer” room with a green theme. The table was lined with grass (imitation grass, of course) as was the little mechanical organ in the room. There was also a white tree-like coat-hanging contraption which added to the ambience of the room, giving a grassland-like feel. There was a door leading to a tiny balcony but as the hotel was located on this back street there really wasn’t much view to see out there.


A functional organ in the room!

The public areas of the hotel was also nicely designed. The small but sufficiently sized lobby and front desk was bright and comfortable and the lobbies on each floor were artsy, elegant and warm with features echoing the designs of some of the designer rooms. Pleasant surprises abound!

Breakfast was included but as we wanted to sample the food in the nearby area we skipped every breakfast. The nearby area has a great variety of cuisine ranging from beef noodles to Japanese eel rice. The lack of a proper restaurant on premise was therefore not a problem.

I would definitely return in the future when I need to stay in this part of Taipei!

Thanks everyone at Dandy Tianjin!

Address:  台北市中山區天津街70號
Website:  http://www.dandyhotel.com.tw

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