Dadong Artistic Conception of Chinese Cuisine: WTF does that mean?

‘If you loves food and have to travel around often as part of your job, it is inevitable that sooner or later you”ll start looking for decent restaurants to try when you”re on the road. That is (in my mind) how the Michelin Guide got so popular in the first place, and is exactly why I ended up at Dadong Artistic Conception of Chinese Cuisine. Quite a mouthful, yes, but it is essentially one of the newer branches of the…

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Sweets Rococo & Cafe: Just a heads-up

Let me put this up front:  Us locusts did not manage to eat here. We intended to have lunch here on a Sunday, and walked into mostly empty tables (some reserved).  The shop is located on the second floor of Sino Plaza, and isn’t far from the escalators.  The seating area is split into two by the walkway, which also acts as the entrance to the restaurant, naturally.  The seating area is well-lit and comfortable, and one can see from…

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ANOVA Precision Cooker: A beginner’s take

The one thing that has been holding us locusts back from making steaks at home is the lack of confidence in controlling done-ness.  Think about the traditional methods:  1) cook it on a very hot pan, flipping occasionally, and time.  2) sear it on a pan, then cook it in the oven.  3) cook it on a grill, flipping occasionally, and time.  All of these methods are hit-and-miss and require lots of experience to do well. Even then, an occasionally…

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