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Capo at Rockbund: Pizza was supposed to be good… unfortunately not.

Was trying to find a decent restaurant for dinner in the area and read good things about capo. The restaurant is located on the 5th for of a rather deserted mall (no open shops at all) and is accessed through a lounge / bar like area. The restaurant manager was a very nice guy and suggested a nice by-the-glass wine to go with my pizza. Unfortunately, said pizza was not very good (sorry, Giorgio!) One major problem with the pizza…

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Dadong Roast Duck: Not only the duck is good!

Dadong is one of my “default” restaurants when I come to Beijing – I always tell myself I won’t be going again this time, but would end up there somehow. Impressively, whilst the restaurant was always very busy when I visited, they never failed to find me a seat. That the roast duck is good here should be known by most by now. The skin is deliciously crispy and the meat moist and tender. The options of condiments to go…

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Family Li Imperial Cuisine Entrance

Family Li Imperial Cuisine (厲家菜): Good food with great value. Must try!

Had dinner at the Family Li Imperial Cuisine on Jinbao Street. The restaurant only serves set tasting menus that cost from RMB600 to 3000 per head and is supposed to give a good representation of what their cuisine is about. It was very nice that the waitstaff was not particularly pushy in selling their higher priced menus and said that the lowest priced menu already gives a good taste of their style and the higher priced menus differs mainly in…

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New York Steakhouse Door

New York Steakhouse @ JW Marriott Sukhumvit: Price and quality mismatch

It is difficult not to question whether it is the lack of outstanding steakhouses that allowed the New York Steakhouse to sell at inflated prices, or whether it was my mistake of coming down for dinner late that has left me severely disappointed. In short, the atmosphere was good, but the food was awful. The dining room certainly felt right – large hefty chairs that are comfortable, with high enough backs and table layout that makes you feel somewhat isolated…

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Chatrium Royal Lake Yangon Room

Chatrium Royal Lake Yangon Hotel: Good hotel with slight hiccups.

The Chatrium Royal Lake Yangon Hotel is at a great location. Right on the shore of the Kandawgyi Lake and not too far from the Shwedagon Pagoda – a 10 minute drive sans traffic. My stay at the hotel was not perfect, but very good provided that it is in Yangon. Some complaints: 1) The hotel is very popular – not just for its rooms but also for hosting functions. For the 3 nights I stayed at the hotel, there…

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Pun Swe Taw Hotel Entrance

Pun Swe Taw Hotel: Not cheap. Absolutely horrid.

Pun Swe Taw Hotel.  Calling this a hotel was an insult to the word. It fails miserably to meet the bare minimum requirement of a hotel – cleanliness. The environment was utterly horrid. The sheets probably were never changed, the duvet and pillow had no cover and the inside of the supposedly-white duvet was a sick yellowish colour. The slippers provided probably were never washed and had a weird disgusting stickiness. The first room I was given had a bathroom…

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Burger & Lobster Leicester Square: Very nice lobster roll

We were out hunting for a burger & lobster to satisfy our cravings for lobster, so naturally that’s what I ordered once we were seated.  We didn’t need to wait for a table fortunately, although the not-so-small restaurant filled up soon enough afterwards. It was delicious. My only complaint was that there were way too many claws (how is that possible?) and not enough body meat.  Unfortunately I find the bodies to be juicier and have better texture than the…

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The Scotch Whisky Experience: A nice introduction to scotch

We have joined the Platinum tour at the Scotch Whisky Experience, which included a tasting of four whisky from different regions (Highland, Lowland, Speyside and Islay). The four whiskies offered were decent and may be representative of the regions, but were not particularly good. That said, given the price it is probably reasonable that the whiskies offered were not particularly outstanding.  The scratchy card that release scents that are supposedly representative of the regions, unfortunately, was distinctly artificial.  It does…

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Rock & Sole Plaice: A fishy tourist trap

The key for dining at Rock & Sole Plaice is your expectations. If you expect to have the best fish and chips in London (or even good fish and chips), then you will be disappointed. If you want to have fish and chips at one of the oldest chip shop in town for the sake of it, regardless of whether it is good, then go ahead. For me, good fish and chips need to have crispy crust that is light…

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Dandy Hotel – Tianjin Branch

For us, Dandy Tianjin is proof that you don’t need a 5-star hotel to have a very enjoyable stay. Of course, if you look for luxurious rooms, jacuzzi, seaview, huge rooms, swimming pools or spas, you will be disappointed. Yet, the very friendly staff and neatly designed rooms (some with special designs!) more than compensates for the lack of luxury. This was our second stay at Dandy Tianjin (yes, we liked it so much last time that we decided to…

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