New York Steakhouse Door

New York Steakhouse @ JW Marriott Sukhumvit: Price and quality mismatch

It is difficult not to question whether it is the lack of outstanding steakhouses that allowed the New York Steakhouse to sell at inflated prices, or whether it was my mistake of coming down for dinner late that has left me severely disappointed. In short, the atmosphere was good, but the food was awful. The dining room certainly felt right – large hefty chairs that are comfortable, with high enough backs and table layout that makes you feel somewhat isolated…

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Flat Iron Denmark Street: Superb through tenner-tainted glasses

Any comment on Flat Iron must be made with the note that the steak here costs only a tenner. Yup – just 10 Pounds Sterling for a decent steak. Everything else naturally cost extra: the chips, the sauce, the drinks. As such, comparing it with “proper” (read: expensive) steakhouses like Hawksmoor would not be fair. The environment was comfortable.  Rather spacious, in fact, as we visited at some odd hour in the afternoon, which is a time when an afternoon tea…

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The Kitchen: A roller coaster ride

With our lunch at The Kitchen, we have finally tried all the restaurants we are interested in at the Lisboa hotels. We were here for the steaks, and both went for the USDA Prime Sirloin Executive Lunch set. I’ve read from some blogger that this is the default place to go for steaks in Macau – high praise indeed, so our hopes were high. We were seated with good view of the oven, which unlike what some might have thought,…

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