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Poke Co - store

Poke Co.: Nice new poke stop in Wan Chai!

Any day when you unintentionally come across a good, new restaurant is a good day.  When I went to Wan Chai this afternoon for some chicken steak rice I ended up at the Poke Co.  This is a brand new restaurant in their first day of operation (to be exact, they did a trial run yesterday and officially opened today).  The shop is right where the old Landale Street pop-it used to be, and the layout inside wasn’t much different. …

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Ming Bistro Cover

Ming Bistro (名館): A young dimsum restaurant with a view.

Us locusts don’t usually find ourselves at Hysan Place for lunch on weekends, despite that we do happen to be in Causeway Bay quite often.  It is just way too busy for our liking and you often have to wait for tables.  This day, though, we happened to be at eslite around lunch and decided to have lunch at Ming Bistro. It is said that Ming Bistro is run by the second generation of the family behind the restaurant chain Ming Garden (名苑酒家), which…

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Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine: So much oil.

Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine… play the music! They’re called bui-doi… the dust of life… Conceived in hell… and born in strife. Such was the first thought I had when I saw the name – a song from the musical Miss Saigon by Claude-Michel Schönberg et al.  Then I remembered the scene in the musical where a bunch of Vietnamese bar girls / prostitutes compete for the title of “Miss Saigon”.  Yes, it’s never a bad idea to research more extensively when picking a name.  Not…

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Fernandez & Wells: Coffee not bad, food average.

We were at Fernandez & Wells for a quick brunch before heading to the museums nearby. The flat white we have ordered was decent but average, especially when compared with proper coffee shops around London. For food, I had a chorizo omelette on toast – an almost fail-proof recipe. It was average. Whist egg fried in chorizo fat can hardly taste bad, mine was significantly overcooked. The smell in the shop when it was being made was mouth-watering, though. Whilst we…

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Skinners Arms: Friendly & helpful staff, decent beer, average food.

To begin with, be very careful with your personal belongings when you are in this vicinity of the Skinners Arms. Two tourist couples had their phones taken whilst using their maps near the pub, when we were having lunch there. The staff of the pub were very helpful to these couples, going out of their way to give chase but the thief was long gone on his motorcycle and nothing much could be done. We had lunch here, and the…

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The Drapers Arms: Mediocre food, friendly busy staff.

The meal at Drapers Arms was a bit of a disappointment, partly due to our misplaced expectations. In short, the food was overwhelmingly mediocre, the beer / cask ale selection was very limited (yes we were spoiled by the Euston Tap) and the staff were too busy. To be fair, this would serve fine as a local pub, and I would be quite happy if I have a local like this back home. Yet gastropub this is not. The food…

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EE-Usk: Supposedly great view, average food

EE-Usk is a small seafood restaurant on the shore of Oban, right on the North Pier.  The view was supposed to be great, but a giant yacht was moored at the pier on the day and no view could be seen. Had the lunch set which included fried brie as appetizer and the fish and chips as main. The bread that first came was quite bad, to the extent that you’ll only bother with it because you’re hungry and it’s…

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Flat Iron Denmark Street: Superb through tenner-tainted glasses

Any comment on Flat Iron must be made with the note that the steak here costs only a tenner. Yup – just 10 Pounds Sterling for a decent steak. Everything else naturally cost extra: the chips, the sauce, the drinks. As such, comparing it with “proper” (read: expensive) steakhouses like Hawksmoor would not be fair. The environment was comfortable.  Rather spacious, in fact, as we visited at some odd hour in the afternoon, which is a time when an afternoon tea…

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Ramen Nagi: Great ramen. Gyoza also decent.

Stumbled upon this ramen restaurant when I was trying to find lunch in the malls in this area. Ramen Nagi is one of the many restaurants facing the park of the Greenbelt malls and is not difficult to find. Did not have to wait, either, when I visited for lunch. Service here was sufficiently quick, and I benefited from being here really late for lunch.  From the look outside there would have been a long line had I been here…

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