Poke Co - store

Poke Co.: Nice new poke stop in Wan Chai!

Any day when you unintentionally come across a good, new restaurant is a good day.  When I went to Wan Chai this afternoon for some chicken steak rice I ended up at the Poke Co.  This is a brand new restaurant in their first day of operation (to be exact, they did a trial run yesterday and officially opened today).  The shop is right where the old Landale Street pop-it used to be, and the layout inside wasn’t much different. …

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EE-Usk: Supposedly great view, average food

EE-Usk is a small seafood restaurant on the shore of Oban, right on the North Pier.  The view was supposed to be great, but a giant yacht was moored at the pier on the day and no view could be seen. Had the lunch set which included fried brie as appetizer and the fish and chips as main. The bread that first came was quite bad, to the extent that you’ll only bother with it because you’re hungry and it’s…

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