Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine: So much oil.

Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine… play the music! They’re called bui-doi… the dust of life… Conceived in hell… and born in strife. Such was the first thought I had when I saw the name – a song from the musical Miss Saigon by Claude-Michel Schönberg et al.  Then I remembered the scene in the musical where a bunch of Vietnamese bar girls / prostitutes compete for the title of “Miss Saigon”.  Yes, it’s never a bad idea to research more extensively when picking a name.  Not…

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Viet Kitchen: The food failed to deliver what the price promised

Viet Kitchen is a new Vietnamese restaurant at the ground floor of Nexxus Building next to the Heng Sang Bank HQ. Supposedly the chef is from Chom Chom, another Vietnamese shop on Peel Street, which I haven”t verified. Supposedly food will be good. We visited some two months after Viet Kitchen opened – when the restaurant should be past its initial stage of adjustments. So how did it go? The setting of the restaurant was appealingly casual, with comfortable yet…

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La’taste Vietnamese Cuisine: Decent enough, but do they have staying power?

La’taste Vietnamese Cuisine is a newly opened restaurant at the ground floor of Far East Centre.  This is the fourth shop of the chain, adding to their presence in Mong Kok, Olympian City and Central.  This is also a much welcomed addition to the meager roster of restaurants that are available to the culinary desert at the gap between Central proper and Admiralty – exactly where I happen to work – also a place where restaurants come and go in the…

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