Cafe Ürsus: decent coffee shop in Kowloon City

Cafe Ürsus has, before anything, an interesting name. My two-minute effort on Google yielded no interesting results, but Google translate suggested that it may be Estonian. My suspicion however, is that the intention was to make a smiling face out of the U. Which makes this a happy place and that goes pretty well with the kindergarten-like design for the logo indoor. Interestingly, the indoor design had almost nothing to do with the outside. Where the inside of the shop…

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Viet Kitchen: The food failed to deliver what the price promised

Viet Kitchen is a new Vietnamese restaurant at the ground floor of Nexxus Building next to the Heng Sang Bank HQ. Supposedly the chef is from Chom Chom, another Vietnamese shop on Peel Street, which I haven”t verified. Supposedly food will be good. We visited some two months after Viet Kitchen opened – when the restaurant should be past its initial stage of adjustments. So how did it go? The setting of the restaurant was appealingly casual, with comfortable yet…

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Dadong Artistic Conception of Chinese Cuisine: WTF does that mean?

‘If you loves food and have to travel around often as part of your job, it is inevitable that sooner or later you”ll start looking for decent restaurants to try when you”re on the road. That is (in my mind) how the Michelin Guide got so popular in the first place, and is exactly why I ended up at Dadong Artistic Conception of Chinese Cuisine. Quite a mouthful, yes, but it is essentially one of the newer branches of the…

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